Historical String Band Results

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2009  Fralinger  
2008  Fralinger  
2007  Fralinger  
2006  Fralinger  
2005  Fralinger  
2004  Fralinger  
2003  Fralinger  
2002  Quaker City Frightful Finale
2001  Quaker City Jungle Jam
2000  Quaker City Circus Momus
1999  Quaker City Reflections of Old Moscow
1998  Ferko Choo Choo Ch’Boogie
1997  Ferko Fish Schtick
1996  Ferko Ferko Plays the Palace
1995  Hegeman First Class, Second Hand Hobo Band
1994  Ferko Sing Sing Swing
1993  Quaker City La Quakeracha
1992  Hegeman Hegeman’s Hot in Harlem
1991  Quaker City The Hills Are Alive
1990  Polish American Are You From Dixie
1989  Quaker City No Business Like Snow Business
1988  Greater Kensington Go For Baroque
1987  Fralinger Copa-Banana
1986  Polish American Dr High-Tech/Robot Ramble
1985  Quaker City The Scarecrows’ ‘Hay’ Day
1984  Fralinger Jokers Are Wild
1983  Fralinger At The Rag Band Ball
1982  Ferko  Golden Memories of the Bowery
1981  Polish American Toyland Comes Alive
1980  Fralinger Showtime At The OK Corral
1979  Greater Kensington Oz odyssey
1978  Quaker City Kaleidoscope Of Color
1977  Harrowgate Trip The Light Fantastic
1976  Harrowgate Moving on USA
1975  South Philadelphia Hallelujah, Get Happy
1974  Ferko  On Stage
1973  Fralinger Jazzmen Of The Mardi Gra
1972  Palmyra  King Mumus &
His Musical Jest
1971  Hegeman Rhythm And Beauty
1970  Polish American Showtime Internationale
1969  Ferko  Show Girls of Great Shows or
Follies on Revue
1968  Fralinger The Bells Of St. Mary’s 
1967  Fralinger The Magic of Toyland
1966  South Philadelphia String & Hit Parade
1965  Greater Bucks Hawaiian Holiday
1964  Polish American Fantasy of Jungle Drums
1963  Quaker City Gypsy Tambourines 
1962  Hegeman King Momus & H
1961  Polish American Holiday in Scotland
1960  Aqua Tropicana Holiday
1959  South Philadelphia African Fantasy
1958  Ferko  My Fair Lady
1957  Uptown Syncopated Clock
1956  Quaker City White Cloud
1955  Polish American Can Can
1954  Polish American The Mexican Hat Dance
1953  Hegeman The Bells Of Erin
1952  Polish American Cameos for My Sweethart 
1951  Ferko  A Holiday At The Corral
1950  Ferko  Milady’s Fan
1949  Polish American Every Cloud Has Silver Lining
1948  Durning Peg O’My Heart
1947  Ferko  25th Anniversary Bouquet
1946  Durning Stars Of America
1945  Quaker City Polar Prince
1944  Quaker City Men Of Shangri-La
1943  Hegeman A Prayer For Victory
1942  Bell American Indians
1941  Polish American All World..Waiting For Sunrise
1940  Quaker City The Prince of India  
1939  Ferko  Day And Night
1938  Ferko  The Heralds Of Peace
1937  Ferko  The Northern Lights
1936  Ferko  Maharaja of India
1935  Quaker City Fans
1934  No Parade
1933  Aqua Old Mexico
1932  Ferko  Fantastic Indians
1931  Ferko  French Fans
1930  Ferko  Guards
1929  Ferko  Stars
1928  Hegeman Harem Girls
1927  Ferko  Cards
1926  Hegeman Capt Kidd & The Pirate Band
1925  Hegeman Prince Of India
1924  Hegeman Northern Lights
1923  Aqua Kewpie Doll
1922  Quaker City Hindu Prince
1921  Quaker City Bulgarians
1920  Fralinger Kings Jesters
1919  No Parade  
1918  Talbot  
1917  Talbot  
1916  Talbot  
1915  Oakey  

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