Parade Results

2013 Results will be posted here.

Judging: The main judging stand for the string bands – with ten judges – will be located at 15th and Market Sts. facing west.  Additional judging booths will be located on John F. Kennedy Blvd. , between 15th St. and North Broad St., south of the Municipal Services Building .  Judging for the Comic and Fancy Divisions will take place at these booths.  Six judges will rate the fancy units and nine, the comic units. The Fancy Brigades will be judged at the Fancy Brigade Finale in the Pennsylvania Convention Center , 12th and Arch Sts. beginning at 4 P.M. (time approximate).

 String Bands are permitted 4½ minutes in the judging area.  They will be evaluated on a 100-point basis: 40 points for music; 20 points for costume; 20 points for performance; and 20 points for production.

Fancy Brigades are allowed four minutes in the judging area.  They will be evaluated on a 200-point basis: 100 points for costumes, and 100 for theme presentation.

Club Prizes are awarded to the club winning the most points in the fancy and comic divisions.


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