Fancy Brigades

The Fancy Brigades is the indoor performance portion of the parade. Performances are held in the Philadelphia Convention Center.

Fancy Brigades and their web sites:

Avenuers Cahills Clevemore Downtowners Golden Crown Jokers Satin Slipper N.Y.B. Saturnalian N.Y.A. Second Street Shooters Shooting Stars South Philly Vikings Strutters

Not in Parade

Fancy Dolls […]

String Bands

The String Bands are the third section of the parade. While the costumes are an important part of this section, the focus is on the music! The bands put on shows at events year-round.

String Bands and their web sites:

Aqua Avalon Broomall Duffy Durning Ferko Fralinger Greater Kensington […]

Fancy Division

Fancy Costume Division –“The Fancies”

The Fancy Costume Division is the second section of the parade following the comics. Three major organizations each provide a variety of themes that includes floats, and who knows?

Fancy Costume Organizations and their web sites:

Adelphia Hog Island Golden Sunrise


The Comic Clubs start the parade. Just like the name says, comedy is the focus. Each club has many Brigades offering a variety of themes that includes clowns, floats, and who knows?

Comic Clubs and their web sites:

Goodtimers Bryson NYB Happy Tappers Riverfront Mummers New Years Association Saints NYB Southside Shooters NYA Hammond […]