– The Philadelphia Mummers Parade

2015 Results

String Band Division  1:20 pm
Uptown String Band:  “The InTENTS, UnBearable, and AXtreme Outdoors”
Greater Overbrook String Band: “Brazilliant!”
Duffy String Band: “Log-A-Rhythm”
Durning String Band: “Bootin’ Scootin’ and Nashville Hootin’”
South Philadelphia String Band:  “Gangs of Gotham”
Aqua String Band: “When Swing Was King”
Greater Kensington String Band: “Moonshine Mountain”
Fralinger String Band: “The Machine”
Polish American String Band: “Fifty Shades of Hay”
Broomall String Band: “Alice in Wonderland: We’re All Mad here”
Quaker City String Band: “One Man’s Trash Is This Band’s Treasure”
Woodland String Band:  “One Heart One Spirit”
Pennsport String Band:  “The Pirates of Pennsport”
Avalon String Band: “The Sky’s The Limit Episode II: Revenge of the Fallen”
Hegeman String Band: “Immortal Utopia”
Ferko String Band:  “INDIA”

Fancy Brigades, Indoor at Convention Center:

1.South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade , “Day of the Avatar/Master of the Elements” (Captain Pete D’Amato)
2.Golden Crown Fancy Brigade,  “A Prince’s Tale” (Captain Bob Runowski)
3.Downtowners Fancy Brigade,”Merlin’s Mystical Realm” (Captain Frankie Devito)
4.2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade,  “Winter’s Fantasy” (Captain Richie Lind)
5.Clevemore Fancy Brigade, “Ritual the Devil’s Domain” (Captain Ralph Tursi)
6.Avenuers Fancy Brigade, “CarnEvil” (Captain Bob Fitzmaurice)
7.Bill McIntyre’s Shooting Stars Fancy Brigade,”The Mysterious Island” (Captain Michael Adams)
8.Satin Slipper Fancy Brigade, “Midnight in the Mansion” (Captain John Bielec Jr)
9.Spartans Fancy Brigade  “The Pharaoh’s Revenge” (Captain Tim Luko)
10.Jokers  Fancy Brigade, “Glory of Rome: Siege of the Barbarians”  (Captain Joe Gallagher)
11.Saturnalian Fancy Brigade, “Space a Whole New Dimension” (Captain Jack Hatty)


 See 2012 Results Page for Full Results

20012 Pictures:  Swoon Over It Photography  |  PHL17  |

Parade Route Map

Visit for Mummers souvenirs to help support the parade

DVD’s available from the Mummers Museum, Fancy Brigade Assn., or String Band Assn.

Mummers tradition dates back to 400 BC and the Roman Festival of Saturnalias where Latin laborers marched in masks throughout the day of satire and gift exchange.  This included Celtic variations of “trick-or-treat” and Druidic noise-making to drive away demons for the new year.  Reports of rowdy groups “parading” on New Years day in Philadelphia date back before the revolution.  Prizes were offered by merchants in the late 1800’s.  January 1, 1901 was the first “official” parade offered about $1,725 in prize money from the city.

The Mummers parade is a celebration of the New Year but is serious business in Philadelphia.  Clubs work on the costumes and practice all year for their one day in the sun (…wind, rain or snow).  There are many lively discussions over the scoring by the judges and adherence to the complicated set of rules the marchers must follow when being judged.  String Bands are judged on their musical presentation as well as the costumes.  Seeing and hearing a String Band performing live in the parade is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Comic clubs tradition from ancient Greek god Momus who was the personification of mockery, blame, ridicule, scorn, raillery and stinging criticism.  Momus was expelled from heaven for his/her criticisms and ridicule of the gods.  The comic clubs continue to raise controversy over these themes they use in the parade that make fun of current issues and news stories such as issues involving religion, ethnicity, and feminism.  Many Mummers parade controversies over polices, such as the exclusion of women and the use of black-face, lasted many years.

The outdoor parade was postponed in 2003, the first time in 13 years .  There have been 22 weather-related postponements  since 1922.  There was no parade in 1919 due to WW1 and in 1934 due to the depression and the lack of prize money.

108 Responses to “ – The Philadelphia Mummers Parade”
  1. Janice Mahon

    Question. I remember when Bandstand was broadcast from Philadelphia, that one of the dancers, a tall thin guy who danced with Pat Molitierri, was a member of the Mummers. In fact, one day he came on the Bandstand Show in full Mummers costume and showed how “strutters” was done. Great fun. Can anyone fill me in on who he was and if he is still a member of the Mummers, or if he is still around. Thanks.


    Everything is posted that the City sends out. Not sure how they do it.

  3. Shootin star

    Why do you always forget to put the wenches points up there more wenches than the whole parade combined

  4. Michele Fithian

    Dear Mummers: I’ve been a true blue Mummers fan for 52 years now. My family and friends have performed. I moved from Philly 10 years ago, for various reasons. This year the Rose Parade was on three Direct TV stations, yet the Mummers Parade was on zero. This should not be. There are Philadelphia transplants everywhere, to whom New Year’s Day, just isn’t a special day without your parade. The amount of individual work with sequins and feathers that goes into each costume, which are hand sewn (they still are, correct?), is as intricate as on the floats in the Rose Parade. The talent of the players in the String Band section, is more than required in the Rose Parade. Yet, the Mummers’ Parade is neglected, and what I have noticed, unfortunately, is that, although back in the late 80’s, women were allowed to participate, there has not been a push to get people of color, or other ethnicities excited about this parade. I watched this year’s String Bands, and almost every instrument played is the same as in a jazz band. Why aren’t more people of other ethnicities encouraged to come out and join. The stands, which use to be so full you couldn’t find a place to view the judging section, were half empty. This shouldn’t be. The string bands had half the number of members they had back in the ’70’s.

    I miss Philadelphia, but I’d miss New Year’s Day without the Mummers even more. Please don’t allow this tradition to die out. Please reach out to more communities and reward people of other races for participating. Encourage the ENTIRE city to get involved, not just the same old, long time divisions. I’ll always enjoy Ferko, Kensington, Overbrook, etc., but I’d like to see Germantown, West Philly, North Philly, Hunting Park, Frankford, and Juniata to get into or back into the mix.

    A Lifetime Philly Girl

  5. Bob

    The SPV got robbed….are you kidding me? The only presentation that any sense was the Jokers. Running around the floor like crack heads dosen’t make you a champion. I’m just glad that the top 3 clubs were all make. 8 out of the 11 brigades all take women as members. It takes more than girls running around like their in a club to win this parade.

  6. Ryan

    I heard the commentator say a string band can only have sixty seven participants.With Hegamen playing a tv with dancers.Does this constitute participants? Did they go over?

  7. Mummstheword

    Hmmm…will Hegeman Stringband be sued for using clips of movies and tv footage? Did they get the rights? The idea may be permitted through the Stringband Association rules, but did they do all their due diligence? Just a thought…to be explored.

  8. J

    Honestly those judges really need to learn to open their eyes and ears the judging was horrible this year. I have followed the mummers for years and this year the string band order was all messed up! I mean honestly quaker wasnt as good as the results show they looked more like a 4th or 5th place band and the past couple of years ive said the same thing someone should look into these secret judges and their affiliation with certain bands terribly disappointed

  9. Bill

    Also, The South Philly Vikings were robbed last night! They were the best!

  10. Bill

    We watch ever year. Thank you all that are involved. Simple amazing

  11. diane

    My family has been mummers since mummery has started we no longer strut unfortunetly but this years scoring is the worst I have ever seen .I have usually been off by a few tenths of a point but this year I was way off did you change judges usually I am used to seeing 99.8 and around that range which usually I might be wrong in some of my placements. but for over 10 years straight I have not been that far wrong but when I see the highest at a 95-96 It makes me wonder what happened. All the bands we wonderful but you have to see exactly what the judges were supposed to be looking for. I do not mean to be negative about about a parade I hold dear to my heart and always will. I am withholding my last name for it will hurt my family to see me write anything negative even in the scoring department. when in the old days when we where we were up late sewing on sequins and feathers on the costums. All I can say for next year is GO MUMMERS!!!!!!:)

  12. icdogg

    Whatever happened to the Slick Ducks? Remember those guys who were going to do a bit that greatly offended the Roman Catholic Church? They did some funny stuff in previous years.

  13. Skip

    Ferko was great! They should have won. Best spot is Broad and Pine – Pizza at Paolo’s and a wild time at Dirty Franks!

  14. Connie

    Pa. born & living in Florida, my husband & I were thrilled to watch the 2014 Mummers Parade streaming on Phil 17 today. Enjoyed the Wenches, Fancy Div, & especially the String Bands. We counted a few fiddles, banjos, & stand-up basses – so much for STRINGS. All the rest are saxophone bands. When did this happen? I was in Philly to see parade live in late 80’s/early 90’s & remember real string bands.

  15. Drew

    The String Bands order of march is drawn randomly. It would have been nice to see Ferko go last but it doesn’t work that way,

  16. Matt

    When will the string band results be posted?

  17. Katie

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching the parade this year! The best I can remember! A great, unique tradition!

  18. Margie

    Thank you for live streaming the Mummers parade on the internet!

  19. Etay

    I’m in Germany and the website for live streaming doesn’t work. My internet connection is great, so maybe it’s not available all over the world.

  20. Peg Maries

    I was so thrilled to be able to watch my beloved Mummers today.
    I was born in Philly and lived most of my life in the Cape May area of South Jersey before moving to Tn 10 years ago and I am still homesick so this was a blessing and a wonderful way to start my New Year.
    Thank you and God bless you for making this possible. I hope we can see it again next year.

  21. Randi Renninger

    Thanks for live streaming on the internet! I was able

    Thanks for live streaming on the internet! this NE Philly gal transplanted to Indiana was so happy to be able to see her beloved mummers Parade!! Very thankful the live stream was better this year than last year. keep up the good job.

  22. Kathy

    I grew up in Cherry Hill, NJ and we watched the Mummer’s every year. Living on the west coast I’ve missed the tradition. My parents would tape the parade & mail it to me. This morning they told me PHL17 was streaming live and I’ve been watching all day.

    The String Band performances are amazing with all their props, butI do miss the “traditional” mumming!!

  23. Anthony

    Are there any results yet?

  24. Joe Darrah

    What year was the Mummers Parade first aired on Television,and on what channel.

  25. Nikki

    Thank you so much for streaming! I live in Florida now and can not imagine a New Year’s Day without the parade! Got my score card in hand. Keep it coming!!!

  26. Carol

    Why would the line up for the string bands have the best first. Very disappointed that we don’t get to see the better bands under the lights and last where they belong and have earned it.

  27. Kathy

    I was brought up and raised in philadelphia, My Dad was a mummer during my childhood marching with the Durning String Band. I enjoyed every moment we spent at the club watching them practice and then finally present all their hard work. Hats off to them then and now. Missed not being able to watch the parade having moved to Vermont where they never heard of Mummers. So thrilled that the past two years I have been able to watch the live feed. Thank you for bringing back all those wonderful memories. I remember when only Men could march. Goes to show how things change.


    Actually outrageous political comment have always been a part of the comic clubs. It is designed to get a reaction. the Merriam-Webster definition of Mummery is “a ridiculous, hypocritical, or pretentious ceremony or performance.”

  29. John Smith

    “What The Fox Say”, faux news? Can I enter with a “CNN Communist News Network” float next year? I doubt it. No more mummers parades for me when you permit ridiculous political statements.

  30. terry

    i am very disappointed that there is not show of shows it should have never left philadelphia and gone to atlantic city bad move so for us that come from south phila with have to miss the show of shows whick i went for the last 5 years when ever they started in atlantic city maybe they might think of bringing it back to it original home .THINK ABOUT IT MUMMERS

  31. bill gruber

    where can i get dvds of the parade thanks bill

  32. Rich

    I was very sorry to read that there will be no Mummers Show of Shows in 2014 because a new location could not be found. It was enjoyable to see all of the bands in one place every year.


    would just like to thank whoever wrote the nice comment on my parents. my dad was in the mummers JOHN POPE WOROBETZ in the 1950s as well as one of my brothers UKRAINIAN AMERICAN STRING BAND my mom DOLORES WOROBETZ was a life long fan of the mummers.

  34. Michelle

    Hi, I was raised watching the mummers. I used to stand outside my grandmothers house on Federal street in South Philly and watch the parade on New Years Day. My father used to be in the parade. It is a tradition in my family to do the Mummers Strut at weddings in our family. I did the mummers strut at my wedding with my Uncle.

  35. joe

    Where are the listing of the winners of wench brigades that had a tv rating of 8.1. shame on you they have more people marching in the wench division they do in the other four division conbined.

  36. Caring Father

    You can put all the sequins and ostrich feathers on it you want, but racism is still racism. It’s a shame some clubs are still teaching their children that such racist “traditions” are okay. I’m proud to have been a one time member of a club, and I’m thankful for all the hard work that most clubs put into their routines, regardless of whether they are comics, fancys, or string bands. I’d just wish the few bad apples learned not everyone shares their out dated view of the world. Hopefully, Ferko, Quaker City, and the other offenders choose better themes next year.

  37. Rebecca Savastio

    I was inspired to write an article about the false accusations of the Mummer’s “use of blackface” during this year’s parade-

  38. Craig

    The parade was even better this year! Bravo to all participants. There was one glaring downer to the parade, and that is the Uhaul trucks and other vehicles carrying people and gear that lead the brigades, were eyesores and really sullied the imagery and efforts of the costumes and performances. It would make a huge difference if the vehicles were dressed up too, being the biggest elements in each brigade. Mummer organizers should check out what, for example, the Rose parade does (
    Here’s a photo of a couple parade vehicles:
    Anyway, since the parade is becomming such a big deal internationally, the organizers might consider upping the ante a bit and require the beat-up ugly graffitied trucks be covered up or decorated. It would make a huge difference, and give some new opportunities for the creative energies of the citizens.

  39. Leland Morrccos

    Are there any Black Mummers string bands? Just curious……..

  40. Mark

    looking for point breakdown for the String Bands

  41. Mumfan

    To Philly Pahn… Seriously? I am white, so lets get that out of the way. How many white people were enslaved by blacks, shipped halfway around the world then put into slavery for generations? Then, how many white were told to use a different bathroom and to sit your dumb ass in the back of the bus because of the color of your skin? How many were told they were second class Americans and sub-human because they were white? Has anything remotely the same ever happened to you or your grandfather, or great grandfather? I’m sure your perspective would be different if you could empathize with that.
    Sure, we have to move on and most people live an open-minded existence now compared to then. But we should still be mindful of the past and the wrongs done by a society. This is not a matter of “get over it”. It is a matter of respect and remembrance.

  42. Marilyn

    I’m shocked really, I thought the Avalon routine was head and shoulders above Fralinger. The judges must have saw something I missed.

  43. Chuck

    Had relatives living right off 2nd St. and have many fond memories or watching the parade. After running back t the house for a bowlof bean soup and a hot dog (and maybe sneak a nip of the Uncles booze selection) all of us youngsters would run up to Broad St., but nothing could beat the energy on “2 Street”. I’m out of state know and miss the Mummers. The video link is a great way to stay in touch in lieu o driving 500 miles (which I have done in the past.

  44. PhillyPhan

    Why is it that when African-Americans do “white face” in movies, it’s comedy, but when white people do it, it’s racism? I get so annoyed when people point and scream racism because of their own insecurities – and I’m not even white!

    Enjoy the show for what it is and let it go. MOST of the parade is based on tradition and has been shared with family members for generations. It’s not about race – its about expression and entertainment.

    Of course there are going to be a few bad apples when long hours and alcohol is involved. But you have to take the good with the bad. And let’s face it; the good far out-weighs the bad. Do us all a favor and watch it from the comfort of your home so we don’t have to read your whining, Philly-bashing comments.

    Happy New Year and congrats to all for putting on a great show!

  45. Gina


    I loved the Peeps and the Easter bunnies. They were only missing jelly beans.

  46. Jack

    Great performances, costumes and production by Fralinger and Quaker City along with several other bands. You can really see the hard work and dedication that goes into what they do.

  47. keema

    Where are the best places to watch the parade for free? I’ve lived in philly all my life and this is the first year I went. I went to city hall and just got to see a lot of mummers standing around and waiting, then the back of the props as they did their thing in front of the cameras. It seemed to me that the only way you got to see anything was if you paid to sit on the bleachers. There wasn’t even a good spot where you could stand and watch. I was very disappointed in my first parade.

  48. Cheryl

    Hey where can I upload some really great pics of the mummers peeing on store fronts & public buildings? I even have one mummer defecating on a side street. guess this is part of the production right? the people are really getting sick of this!

  49. P

    Was having a great time at the parade; made friends with an African American couple next to us. Such a great vibe in the crowd during the Mummers parade. Then, black face references ruined the parade for us. Really embarrassing


    that is all I got from the City

  51. Matt

    Will the scoring breakdown for the string bands be published?

  52. Diane

    Lynne you will not be missed, keep moving

  53. Kathy

    What are you Lura the grammar police lol try policing the mummers for a change

  54. Kathy

    Nicely put Jim but this isn’t New Orleans and what goes on there isn’t anywhere near the same kind of event although it’s interesting that you would compare the two and just because these guys put in the time & money doesn’t give them any special right to urinate in our streets which is being done by mummers, not the spectators as you tried to elude too. another thing, its 2nd street not 2 street,there’s no such street in the city. I personally witnessed 5 mummers jumping on a cars hood, kicking in the side panels simply because the motorist had the nerve to honk his horn at mummers walking down the middle of 11th street! there’s allot of bad behavior being committed by drunken mummers and there’s no way your going to deny what goes on

  55. Lura

    I totally diagree with Lynn and her assessment of the parade. They say ignorance is bliss, so you must be in bliss. What I find an embarrassment is your use of grammar. It should be (too) not “to”, as in “to many”…and you used (your) three times in stead of “you’re”. The Mummers are wonderful organizations who give of themselves charitably, and bring much joy to others, not to mention pride to the city of Philadelphia. If you don’t like it…don’t come back, and don’t watch it on TV, either. Happy New Year! And thanks to the Mummers for another wonderful parade.

  56. Jim G

    The parade was great this year. I really enjoyed it. My father grew up around 2 street. And, a lot of my family has been in the parade via the comics, fancies and the string bands, myself included.

    Anybody that doesn’t like the parade really doesn’t understand the foundation of the parade or the people that are holding on to the tradition. You may see a lot of drunks. But, really, over time, there are more and more people that aren’t drinking. I’d be surprised if anyone in the string bands are still drinking (before or during the parade). And, over the last 20 years, there are more family oriented organizations joining the comics and fancies. The quality of music being played by the string bands has been improving over the last 30 years, and I’m really astonished at some of the scores being put together and performed by musicians that do this in their spare time.

    If you’re going to criticize this parade for the public drinking, you can head down to New Orleans in a few months to give the people of that town a good tongue lashing during Mardi Gras. The difference is that this parade is suitable for children. There may be some spectators that are totally rude, crude and lewd. That’s part of life in the city. You’ll see it on the El, the subway, a concert. I’ve even heard crude language at Sesame Place. I’m not going to stop going there, and I’m always going to love the Mummers parade.

    These are not paid performers. Aside from the time they put into this, they are all putting money out of their pocket. Especially since the city and the TV networks pulled out most of their support. For anyone to criticize the people that create this event is really unimaginable. I know it’s not for everyone. But it’s like going to someone’s house on Thanksgiving and complaining because you really don’t like Turkey. It’s New Years. Have fun. Do something you like doing. And, if you try something new, and you don’t like it. Then you don’t have to do it again. But, please don’t complain to the host or the entertainers. They’ve worked too hard.


  57. Lynne

    I would expect nothing less from devoted mummer fans, be that as it may what I said I stand by, there are to many drunken mummers pissing & using profanity around children (ESPECIALLY THE COMICS) and if you believe for a second that because you wanna call me a liar erases what’s actually happening from the minds of those who WITNESSED it your sadly mistaken and it is indeed an embarrassment to this city! wishing it wasn’t true doesn’t make it untrue! and as to your statement about it being around so long somehow makes it all OK is ridiculous, changes are on the way for you guys……. WATCH FOR THEM!!!! BTW BLOCKING PEOPLES ATTEMPTS TO POST HERE BY BLOCKING THEIR EMAIL BECAUSE THEY WISH TO TELL THE TRUTH PROVES HOW RIGHT I AM I have more then one email address :)

  58. bill

    to many kids are in the parade
    everyone wants to get their little johnny or britney to be on tv but come on the parade is turning into kiddie city

  59. MM

    My 4th grade teache is in the Mummers Parade. He is in the Woodlands. I am really intrested in the Mummers Parade.

  60. Olivia

    I just want to say that I grew up living in a Mummer household and I was so disappointed to hear this year how one of the larger and more well to do string bands paid $10,000 (I believe was the number) to trade marching places with one of the other string bands so that they could march later on in the day. This is not what the parade is about!

  61. patricia

    The only thing that I found distrubing was the psy gangnam style song was in one of the acts. Psy is the person who wished Americans dead a few years back..he did apologize though right? classy.

  62. Chip

    This is in response to LYNN
    I am so glad to see that you are Calling the Parade Disgusting and an Embarrassment to the City. claiming it’s a bunch of drunks and cursing going on. Well first off Missy… do you honestly think for one second that if the City found the Mummers or it’s viewers to be an Embarrassment that they would have allowed the Parade to happen for well well over 230 years???
    The Mummers are not to blame for how People conduct themselves out in public. Maybe you should stop and see how much Money the Mummers bring to the City and to the Local Businesses not only from those who live in the city but by all the “VISITORS” that come in year after year to ring in the new year and watch the Mummers. And I would feel more safe with a packed city street then I would with almost no one around… So before you start knocking something that has been around a lot longer then the stick up your ass you need to see the whole picture and all the Good that comes from it. that or get the stick removed from yourself……

    To the rest of the People Keep up the Great Shows. keep on Strutting down the street and around the world…

  63. C

    Frank, here here. Very well said. Good luck with your move and make sure you come back and see our tradition every year…. Have a fantasitic 2013.. I am sure Lynne will be as miserable as she is in her comments. Funny though… if she hates it so why be on She must be a scorned mummers girlfriend!

  64. Frank

    To the person Lynn labeling this tradition as outrageous and profane. I took my son at 1&1/2 years of age today and it was te best time of my life. Been here in this city for 35 years I am destined to move but will be back time and time again for my mummers it’s snobby ingnorance such as yourself that pick out the minor blemishes on an otherwise timeless wonder.

    Forever a mummer!!!!!!! Good luck tonight in the convention center to all

  65. Lynne

    This parade is an embarrassment & disgrace to the city, many of the people posting here are sitting back in the comfort of their homes and don’t see what goes on, the drunkenness & outrageous behavior by some (to many) is outright unbelievable, pissing in the streets, profanity around children & the threats made towards anyone who says a word is inexcusable, the “visitors” who come to see you & who will no doubt never return will be sharing the distressing time via social network. Personally my friends & I will never be returning either to watch the disgusting events or walk home in fear because of what you people do when your finished marching. You should be ashamed of yourselves & if your not one of the drunks then it’s your responsibility to keep them inline! Signed = another lost fan

  66. Vicki

    Thanks for the streaming! I enjoyed watching the parade in Colorado!

  67. Sue

    What a tradition! This is what I look soooo forward doing on New Years Day. Thanks to all mummers!

  68. Karen Mac

    Wishing I were back in the City of Brotherly Love and Sisterly Affection this New Year’s Day. Enjoying the Mummers in Tucson.

  69. Nick

    My first parade was 1992, I was 7 and a half years old. I remember how nervous I was the night before. Fast forward to 2013 and I am currently deployed in Kuwait with the PA Army National Guard. I think it is GREAT that the parade is being broadcast online for people outside of Philadelphia to see. Thanks to PHL 17 and SugarHouse for making my New Years day!!

  70. Lara

    Not sure whether it was an attempt at “blackface” or an attempt at “farmer’s tan” that didn’t quite go off… let’s be honest, trying to look tan backfires all the time. Potentially problematic, but there was nothing in the rest of that comic that made it look like it was intended to read as blackface.

    Yeah, there are elements in the parade that can read as racist. There’s also a lot of commentary that reads as deeply classist. The parade has gotten a lot better on racial portrayals since I was a kid… I just wish that the comments did too.

  71. John

    I caught the event today— I am a transplant from Southern California to Philly. Really had a ruff time getting into it. Certainly NOT THE ROSE PARADE.. It had some good moments but over all it’s just “so-so”

  72. David

    What happened to Brittany Lynn Drag Mafia which was to perform?

  73. Joe

    The only thing “disturbing” about brown face is that someone would take the time to comment about it.

  74. TinaMarie

    Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been watching the Mummers since 1957 when we moved to 5th & Allegheny; Ferko was our neighborhood SB, Joe Ferko had a pharmacy on 5th St & used our school yard to practice their drills. I’ve always wanted to help construct & sew those beautiful costumes. I do long for the old days when only males were in the parade, sorry women… I also wish that the fancies would do the entire parade route, I think their floats are beautiful, but they have gotten a little out of hand with their size & elaborate productions. Guys, you are a part of the Mummers organization & parade, please remember your roots. I wouldn’t think of spending New Year’s Day with anyone else.

    After reading the comments posted, I feel as though a reply is necessary:

    First of all, this is all done in good fun, not to bash any race or political group. If you are offended by a group or brigade, look inside yourself.

    Second, the wench brigades are the HEART of mummery. Yes there is alcohol involved, but for the most part these groups are more orderly and organized than they have been in years past. These guys wait all year for this production so they deserve to let go after it is over.

  75. Jeff

    It’s 2:20 and the string bands have started. I love it when they marched under the lights. With all the great performances and man did they sparkle. Was always a great show.. Love the mummers parade

  76. Ken

    Having a great time watching the parade online from Pittsburgh. We’ve been watching for 4 hours now but everytime we look at the guide there is nothing any better on the other 500 channels of TV.

  77. Family Affair

    In loving memory of a long line of family Mummers who have moved on to the New Years Mummers party in Heaven. Michael, John “the Pope”, Dolores Worobetz (who made costumes for Ferko). I know they are there right now having a blast!

  78. MIa

    I missed the first 2 hours of the parade and was searching for or how to watch it from the beginning but with no luck.

  79. Cathy

    Grew up outside of Philly. Live near Hershey now and can not get the parade on tv. We have dish and I guess they do not carry it. II is not New Year’s Day without seeing the mummers dance there way down the streets.

  80. Linda

    Did I see brown-face (tan?) makeup on the comedy division doing a farmer routing? If so, it was very disturbing.

  81. Cathy

    For those asking how to watch the Mummers online. PH17

  82. Julie in East TN

    My husband & I accidentally caught the parade on TV a few years ago and watching it on New Years Day has become our unofficial tradition. We will share it with our 1 & 2yr old girls today. Thank You Mummers!! Happy 2013!!

  83. JoPi

    You all make me sick. It is 9am and this bunch of disgusting fat guys are drinking beer and prancing around in stupid costumes in the middle of the street, on tv. Why are they not being arrested for public intoxication?

  84. bill

    i was along time Mummer for many years with the brigades up until that first year in the convention center…… if you want a Broadway Show go to New York… you have taken the feeling out of being a Mummer…. get outta the convention center and get back onto the streets ok so you parade up broad but cut off at washington ave what about the rest of the people on broad st you taken the parade away for the people its time to give it back to them on the street where you belong

  85. Randi Renninger

    I live in indiana now and really miss the Mummers Parade. How can I see it from here? Can the parade be shown nationally on the t.v.? online? New Years Day brings happy memories from my childhood of my mother doing the Mummers strut around our house while watching the parade.

  86. RoseMare

    Does anyone know what time the String Bands will start to be broadcasted?
    I had two brothers in the Greater Overbrook String Band and they are going to be the first to march. Even though it’s been many years that my brothers were in it, I still root for Overbrook.

  87. Shannon S.

    What time will the String Bands be streamed on I’ve relocated to Virginia and will be working until 4PM on New Year’s Day. Will I miss them?

  88. Coxey

    Where is the mention of the marching order of the Comics division?

  89. gina logan

    I’m the daughter of a 2-Streeter (my dad was born at 2nd and League in 1900). The reason there was no parade in 1919 was NOT the First World War but the influenza epidemic, which devastated the city–thousands of people died, many more were ill, to the point that there were literally bodies stacked up and no way to bury them–my father said that on his block the police came to get the bodies out, and his uncle drove the dead wagon. Over 400 people died on one terrible day in 1919, and South Philadelphia was horribly affected, though the disease attacked all over the Delaware Valley. There were so many children orphaned that the city fathers appealed to any citizens who would take them in. No one did. And not only the parade but all other public gatherings were cancelled for fear of what people called “The Spanish Flu.”


    Just posted them

  91. Jule

    Why isn’t the mummers day parade televised in Scranton pa?

  92. harold and mary

    happy New Years and good luck to all, from a Phily family. Many a good time ontwo street {second street} the real parade begin.Hope Frangiers can march this year. Weknow they will one way or another. Happy New Year to all

  93. JOE

    If someone wanted to take the Broad street subway line north from the stadium area, will there be parking available in the stadium lots? Will there be a charge if parking is available?

  94. Lynnette

    First, I would like to say I have fond memories about the parade. I was in the parade back in the 1980’s. My brother-in-law was in the parade for 13 years and passed in 1994. He was with Greater Kensington. I now live in Forida and would like to see the parade on TV. If other parades can be seen why can’t the Mummers? Please put the whole parade on for us Floridians whos heart is with Philly. Thank You.

  95. Eileen Stroby Toland

    Every year goes by and I do nothing to correct the history of the Mummers. I am a grand daughter of George Wesley Stroby, who along with Dr. Samuels and 2 other men, actually started the String Bands in Philly. One owned a shoe store, one was a musician, one a doctor, and my grand father , an electrician. My aunt, who is 94 and has a memory that is as sharp as a tack, can attest to this. George played the mandolin and at lunch a few men would gather to play music. This started out as a sort of competition but not for long. Others would listen and bring their instrument and join in on the next “lunch hour”. About 1895, my grand dad and a few others would ring in the new year by marching down Broad St playing their music. My grand father and my uncle George, who was in the comic division for years, would make Mumbrellas in their cellar and my aunt as a little girl was forbidden to touch them. “Cake cutting” originally had nothing to do with cake. After the parade, the mummers would go to all the mummers houses where their was always a pot of Philadelphia Pepper Pot Soup steaming hot. Instead of “cake”, they would have a shot of whiskey. aka The Shooters! My grandfather and uncle would arrive home a day or so after the parade ended and be lambasted by my grandmother for their behavior. For more info please contact me at [email protected]

  96. Susan

    We are looking for a link so my 80 year old Dad can watch the parade from his easy chair here in Oklahoma – PLEASE PROVIDE IT HERE FOR US!!!!!! Soooo excited!!!

  97. David

    quick question – will a scoring sheet for the string bands be available on the website for the home viewers – In the past there was a document that you could judge & give points to each string band – was a lot of fun

    We <3 the Mummers


    Links are now posted to the online coverage that starts at 10AM, the interactive map, and the brochure with maps for printing, and the order of march.

  99. Cherie

    I live in Los Angeles.. will the parade be shown online?

  100. Sean

    Is Mummersfest cancelled again this year or is that last years info? I think last years was cancelled last minute which we didn’t find out till we showed up but the fancy brigade site is still advertising this years. Our kids really enjoyed hanging out there for a bit a few years ago and we’d love to do it again. Thanks.

  101. Phil

    In a phila newspaper it listed a drag queen brigade this year mummers parade and a individual drag queen gonna lead in every brigade performance

  102. Mike

    Hi Jack:

    Want to echo your sentiments on Fralinger’s recent tragedy and sure hope they will be able to recover in time for the 2013 Parade. My Dad marched with Fralinger as part of their re-organized unit in 1939 and then Ferko and indeed there waas a fire in the storage room of Van Horn and Sons costumers for Ferko in 1956. Fire Captain and fellow Mum George Duffy saved Ferko’s backpieces by moving them out of harm’s way. Ferko’s backpieces were saved by the honorable Duffy. By the way Ferko finished third in tHe 1957 Parade (Southen Capers)

  103. mary dougherty

    A Philly tradition for sure. Just have fun and go for it
    .music and friendship will draw u in.just don’t say 2 street it is second street

  104. Pat

    @ Lisa…We usually drill about five times along Broad St before getting to the “Judging Area” at City Hall. Some years the areas we drill at vary. The past couple of years though we always assemble at Broad Street and Oregon Ave. Our first drill/performance area is normally Broad St and Shunk St. Then at Broad St and Ritner St(which is right next to Thomas Jefferson University Methodist Hospital.) Then Broad St and Washington Ave and then the last one before the “Judging Area” is at Broad St and Sansom St. A good tip which will always let you know the drill spots are where the bigger crowds asemble. You can always ask the locals too and I’m sure they’ll guide you in the right direction.

    @ Dave Hall…I can understand how you hate the Brigades being in the Convention Center but I need to ask you to undestand a couple reasons why we’re inside. First reason being due to the size of our floats and props which are a huge part of our performance. If we took them outside onto Broad St and they broke down on us it could very well kill our chances at winning something we’ve worked so hard on all year to compete and entertain everyone and put on a great show. A second reason is the weather. If we have bad weather, that could hurt and damage not only the floats but anyone in the area too due to high winds or just rain/snow damaging the scenery on the floats/props. A third reason for being inside is it “guarantees” you a show on New Years Day rain, snow, windy or a bright sunshine day. It’s also a much more “family friendly” warm environment especially for the little ones. And Dave, we do still go on Broad St. We start at Broad and Oregon like everyone else but we turn off at Washington Ave to get back to the Convention Center for our 5:00pm start time. And when we get back to the Convention Center we all have to have our make-up touched up, make sure there’s no problems with our costumes, get our floats and props in position and any other last minute things that need to be done before the curtains open for the show. I know many still may not agree with what I’ve said here but I’m just trying to give you a better understanding as to why some do like being in the Convention Center and the benefits that come with it too.

    @ Jack

    1- Greater Overbrook
    2- Durning
    3- Trilby
    4- Broomall
    5- South Philly
    6- Hegeman
    7- Woodland(Defending Champs)
    8- Aqua
    9- Uptown
    10- Polish American
    11- Avalon
    12- Ferko
    13- Greater Kensington
    14- Quaker City
    15- Pennsport
    16- Duffy
    17- Fralinger

    @ Gordon… Best way to get your Mummers experience, first time or otherwise, is to do it all! Meaning watching the outdoor performances(Comic Division, Fancy Division and the Stringband Division)and then see the indoor show at 5:00pm(Fancy Brigade Division). Tickets for the indoor show are $20-$25 each. When it comes to hotels I’d ask for any close to Center City Philadelphia and is close to where the Mummers Parade will be going on from which is both Broad St and The Phladelphia Convention Center which is located at 12th & Arch St. As for “The REAL parade is on 2nd St”, all I can say to sum that comment up is…The beer starts flowing after a hard year of work on our performances lol. Interpret it how you wish. And about wearing out of town teams clothing…idiots can be anywhere, especially if they have enough alcohol in them. But even I am a fan of only one of the teams here in Philly, so if anything is said I usually just nod and smile then laugh at them as I go about my way. :-)

  105. Gordon


    Hope you don’t mind but I was wondering if I could ask a mummers question- met phily girl whose never been! what’s the best way to see for first time? Which hotel to stay? Get tickets to indoor? Bleachers???

    Also-a tripadvisor local said, “”The REAL Parade is on 2nd Street. This is the unofficial parade. From about 1000 S.2nd going south for about 12 blocks, you are in for a treat. Think of New Orleans without beads. Mid afternoon into the evening you will be able to find many interesting sites. One caution. Do not wear jackets or shirts of any out of town team. Not in your best interest. Treat everything with a smile and people are very friendly” Is this still true in 2013?

    Thanks in advance for any advise/help,
    Gordon Copeland

  106. Jack McElwee

    Many thanks for all the happy memories dear mumming friends. In 1995 we lost my Dad who marched proudly with Fralinger, Crean and Ferko SBs. In 2010 we lost Mama who had also been a staunch supporter of the parade. I myself marched with Ferko when I was but 2. A tragedy it surely was for you to hear that one of our own Fralinger suffered a devastating fire last week. Our hearts and prayers are with them and may Kami see them through this difficult time. Dad told us this same tragedy struck Ferko a long time ago. He said the guys (no ladies then sorry) simply grinned and bore it well, proudly marching that year in whatever they could find around their own homes and they won first prize! It would be great if Fralinger who holds the title for most consecutive wins does the same this year. Unfortunately although we have never missed watching the mummers on TV each year this time we are no longer living in Delaware County a suburb of Philly PA. Now we live in Lebanon County (Campbelltown/Palmyra PA) and haven’t been able to find the parade listed for TV up here. I also lost dear Aqua pal Jerry’s email address so cannot ask him for this years parade’s line of march. Any help greatly appreciated. Can anyone help me? Thanks and Kami bless all of you- JKMc/keimanzero Scion fka Keiman of Anime of Campbelltown PA in Lebanon County.

  107. Dave hall

    I hate the brigades in the convention center
    When will they be out of there
    The brigades don’t even go on broad st

  108. Lisa

    I read this on visit “For sidewalk seating, arrive early and set up near a drill location, where marching String Bands and Fancy Brigades stop to perform.”

    Where are these drill locations?

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