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Mummers tradition dates back to 400 BC and the Roman Festival of Saturnalias where Latin laborers marched in masks throughout the day of satire and gift exchange. This included Celtic variations of “trick-or-treat” and Druidic noise-making to drive away demons for the new year. Reports of rowdy groups “parading” on New Years day in Philadelphia date back before the revolution. Prizes were offered by merchants in the late 1800’s. January 1, 1901 was the first “official” parade offered about $1,725 in prize money from the city.

The Mummers parade is a celebration of the New Year but is serious business in Philadelphia. Clubs work on the costumes and practice all year for their one day in the sun (…wind, rain or snow). There are many lively discussions over the scoring by the judges and adherence to the complicated set of rules the marchers must follow when being judged. String Bands are judged on their musical presentation as well as the costumes. Seeing and hearing a String Band performing live in the parade is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Comic clubs tradition from ancient Greek god Momus who was the personification of mockery, blame, ridicule, scorn, raillery and stinging criticism. Momus was expelled from heaven for his/her criticisms and ridicule of the gods. The comic clubs continue to raise controversy over these themes they use in the parade that make fun of current issues and news stories such as issues involving religion, ethnicity, and feminism. Many Mummers parade controversies over polices, such as the exclusion of women and the use of black-face, lasted many years.

The outdoor parade was postponed in 2003, the first time in 13 years . There have been 22 weather-related postponements since 1922. There was no parade in 1919 due to WW1 and in 1934 due to the depression and the lack of prize money.

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2016 parade route:


There will be three performance areas: 15th st. and Market St. (Judging Station), Broad St. and Sansom St. and Broad St. and Carpenter St. The parade will end at Broad St. and Washington Ave.

The parade starts at 9am on January 1st, 2016 and will flow as follows.

The Philadelphia Division. (New in 2016)

  1. Miss Fancy Brigades
  2. San Mateo Carnavaleros
  3. 2nd to None Drill Team
  4. Los Bomberos de Calle

Fancy Division

  1. Golden Sunrise

Wench Division

  1. Americans Wench Brigade
  2. Riverfront Wench Brigade
  3. Cara Liom Wench Brigade
  4. Bryson Wench Brigade
  5. Oregon Wench Brigade
  6. Pirates Wench Brigade
  7. O’Malley Wench Brigade
  8. Saints Wench Brigade
  9. Froggy Carr Wench Brigade

Comic Division

  1. Landi Comic Club
  2. Murray Comic Club
  3. Goodtimers Comic Club

String Band Division

  1. Trilby String Band
  2. Polish American String Band
  3. Fralinger String Band
  4. Quaker City String Band
  5. Avalon String Band
  6. Pennsport String Band
  7. Uptown String Band
  8. Aqua String Band
  9. South Philadelphia String Band
  10. Greater Kensington String Band
  11. Greater Overbrook String Band
  12. Woodland String Band
  13. Hegeman String Band
  14. Durning String Band
  15. Broomall String Band
  16. Duffy String Band
  17. Ferko String Band

In addition to the Mummers Parade on Broad Street, the Fancy Brigade Division will appear indoors at the Philadelphia Convention Center.  (Tune in at 8pm 1/1/16 on PHL17).

Fancy Brigades

  1. 2nd Street Shooters Fancy Brigade
  2. Clevemore Fancy Brigade
  3. South Philly Vikings Fancy Brigade
  4. Satin Slipper Fancy Brigade
  5. Spartans Fancy Brigade
  6. Saturnalian Fancy Brigade
  7. Golden Crown Fancy Brigade
  8. Avenuers Fancy Brigade
  9. Downtowners Fancy Brigade
  10. Jokers  Fancy Brigade
  11. Shooting Stars Fancy Brigade

2015 Results


Parade Route Map

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